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OpenMage is built and maintained by many passionate individuals.
But OpenMage would not exist without our strategic partners.

Agencies, Freelancers, Module Vendors and Theme Creators play a vital role in this thriving ecosystem. They build and release shops, perform essential maintenance, and work constantly to improve and reinvent the building blocks that produced a superior ecommerce experience.
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Store fronts

Storefronts and Progressive Web Apps

With the rise of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), also several Storefront Projects were created. The difference between a Storefront and what OpenMage is the fact, that a Storefront is only meant to cover the frontend part and does not have a Backend or Admin Interface. Therefore the Storefronts usually connect with one of the existing eCommerce systems, using them via APIs as a so called Headless System.

As one of the strengths of OpenMage is its Admin Interface, and building a PWA is an immense act of work, it is only naturally for us to partner up with the Storefront Projects out there. This way we can focus more on the Backend and API part, and offer you more flexibility in the choice of frontend technologies.

Partnerships with Providers of Storefronts

As Part of the partnership we will keep the needs of the listed Storefronts in mind with our changes and make sure to not break functionality for them.

Additionally we will listen closely and optimize the parts they use, and also slowly introduce specific functionality, to reduce the burden for them to maintain so called "bridge modules" for communication.

Front-Commerce® is an advanced StoreFront solution developed in France with a full support of OpenMage.

Ready to use, it allows existing or new store to become a PWA and take benefits from SPA architecture. This will concretely brings astonishing speed to boost sales, while keeping SEO on high standards (thanks to SSR).

Front-Commerce has been designed by developers, bringing them total freedom on UI and decoupling the front-end from Magento templating system. The stack brings React, Node and GraphQL, with the latest tools and standards for code quality and maintenance best practices such as unit tests and Design System. With a micro-services architecture, merging content and data from diverse sources in real time is simpler than old-school synchronizations through flat files.

Thanks to the commercial licence you get real time corrective support and the promise of an up-to-date Javascript stack, relieving developers of this complex task.

Front-Commerce has been in production since early 2018 and is also compatible with Magento 2. They are targeting openings to other platforms according to customer requests.


Please also check out the freelancers list. You can find our other contributors there.

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Module Vendors


We are one of the top worldwide Magento Extension Providers. Owing to helpful customers’ feedback, we utterly understand the pains and needs of merchants. All these allow us to produce probably the best ‘value for money’ solutions on the market.


Flexible. Stable. Trusted by thousands of merchants. XTENTO provides Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions mainly in the import/export space and is known for its great customer support.


We develop unique & must have Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions.


With 140+ top quality Magento extensions, 5000+ customers and 9+ years of experience in the niche, Meetanshi keeps expanding Magento horizons and exceeding Ecommerce Excellence since 2017!

Firebear Studio

We help people import and export data, teach people how they can do it, follow ecommerce agenda, and review the extensions developed by the Magento community.


Module Bazaar (MB) is an online marketplace for buying & selling extensions, themes and more for Magento and other eCommerce platforms.


OneStepCheckout developed an unmatched expertise with over 20,000 Magento 1 merchants trusting them since 2010. They will be supporting the Magento 1 platform for as long as their customers need it.


ParadoxLabs is all about building you the eCommerce experience you need and your customers want and their certified developers and quality extensions deliver the results you need. is a PHP code profiler which supports Magento 1 and 2. Offering advanced metrics capturing and visualizations, Blackfire enables Magento developers to understand how their code is executed, how it consumes server resources, and how to optimize its performance, quality and security.

Payment Processors

Name: Heartland Payment Systems
PCI-DSS compatibility:
  • SAQ A
  • SAQ A-EP
PCI-DSS compatibility:
  • Level 1
Extension: PAYONE-magento-1

PAYONE GmbH is one of the leading payment service providers in Germany. With FinanceGate, the PCI DSS certified company sells one of the currently most innovative ePayment platforms for the fully automated processing of all payment transactions with comprehensive risk, debtor and accounts receivables management, through which millions of transactions are processed. With the payment module for Magento, PAYONE offers all payment methods relevant in Germany as an easy-to-install extension for e-commerce.

Hosting Providers


JetRails provides fully-managed Magento 1 hosting on dedicated servers and single-tenant public cloud accounts. Security services include firewalling, malware scanning, and intrusion detection solutions. By leveraging partnerships with teams such as Cloudflare, Sansec, and Sucuri, JetRails provides best-in-class security for Magento 1 stores.

Splendid Internet GmbH

Splendid Internet offers performance optimized hosting for Magento since 2011. Real hardware with 5 Ghz CPU and NVMe SSD on dedicated servers and server clusters. Full-page caching with Varnish and Redis. NGINX web server with Google Pagespeed module, 24/7 service, MySQL or Maria DB, Elasticsearch search, monitoring with New Relic. Security protection and daily malware check, DDoS protection, optional with Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Content Delivery Network (CDN).