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OpenMage LTS

A community-driven fork of Magento CE

Magento's massive success and leadership as an open-source ecommerce platform made history, but the book isn't closed yet.

The OpenMage LTS project is a community-supported fork of Magento CE. Our goal is to support the continued use of Magento as an eCommerce platform for the thousands of merchants who have built their businesses on this incredible platform.

We strongly encourage participation from the community! If you have a bug fix, improvement or new feature that you think belongs in the Magento core code, submit a pull request and we will discuss it with you, review the code and help you make it happen! The idea of a robust, open-source eCommerce platform has never been more alive! Magento 1 offers a powerful set of features, time-proven architecture, a mature code-base and an easy learning curve.

It's likely that you've invested more time and money into your Magento-based eCommerce platform than you even want to think about. With your help, we'd like to make sure that investment continues to pay it's dividends. OpenMage LTS provides you with a better user experience, a more transparent and open development process, bug fixes, performance improvements and a sound security vulnerability reporting program.

See our Installation Guide to get started!


OSL v3.0