What you can do to support us

What you can do to support us

on the Code Side

Participate in Code Reviews of Pull Requests

We get a lot of Patches already, but Reviewing them properly takes time, and the more people we have to Review, the less Reviews each one of us has to do.

We usually require at least 2 approving Reviews for each PullRequest to ensure the quality and to catch potencial bugs early. This has helped already many times to catch smaller Issues before they got merged.

Provide Bug Reports and Bug Fixes

Because we can only improve, what we know needs improvement. And If they come with Patches already, even better.

Tag your compatible Modules

on Github, add the topic “openmage”, so it is listed on https://github.com/topics/openmage

in your composer.json, add “openmage” under “keywords”, so its listed on https://packagist.org/search/?tags=openmage


RFC Process

Help us form our future, by participating in the RFC Process. https://github.com/OpenMage/rfcs

Because some changes will need Backwards Compatibility Breaks, this ones should not be decided by just 3 people, but by the majority of theCommunity. (So the RFC Process is build to slow the process down, to make it possible for a lot more people to participate)

become an official Partner

Find more Information on how to become a partner one the according Pages /partners/index.html

Helping with the creation of Documentation


or alternatively, to integrate the magento m1 devdocs into our Org


Writing Blogposts

To Improve the visibility of the Project, as many still do not know it exists.

Extending this Page

because it takes time to find and describe all the different ways to help