What you can do to support us

Get Involved

Participate in Code Reviews of Pull Requests.
Provide Bug Reports and Bug Fixes
Tag your compatible Modules

Thanks for your interest in supporting the OpenMage project and community!


Participate in Code Reviews of Pull Requests

We receive many Pull Requests and these take time to review and discuss. Join the discussion, let us know what PRs you like and don't like, and check out the code and test it out! Your code reviews and comments will truly have an impact!

You can setup a Docker-based development environment in literally one easy step so you can easily checkout a PR and help test it!

Develop Features

Browse the issues list and tackle a problem! The community will forever be grateful and you may become featured on our home page!

Report and Fix Bugs

If you find a bug, please report it! We stronly prefer that you start a Pull Request with your suggested fix as well; this will really speed up the process to get a fix merged.

Tag your compatible Modules

Add the topic "openmage" to your GitHub-hosted extensions so they will be listed on https://github.com/topics/openmage.

Also, add "openmage" under "keywords" in your composer.json file, so its listed on https://packagist.org/search/?tags=openmage.


RFC Process

Help us form our future, by participating in the RFC Process. https://github.com/OpenMage/rfcs

Because some changes will need Backwards Compatibility Breaks, this ones should not be decided by just 3 people, but by the majority of theCommunity. (So the RFC Process is build to slow the process down, to make it possible for a lot more people to participate)

Become an official Partner

Find more Information on how to become a partner one the according Pages /partners/index.html

Help with the creation of Documentation

https://github.com/OpenMage/documentation or alternatively, to integrate the magento m1 devdocs into our Org https://github.com/magento/devdocs-m1

Write Blogposts

To Improve the visibility of the Project, as many still do not know it exists.

Extend this Page

because it takes time to find and describe all the different ways to help