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CVE-2020-15151 and New Release 19.4.6 and 20.0.2

category: Updates
date: 18 Aug 2020
author: flyingmana

Our Release Today marks a new and Important Milestone for the OpenMage Project. Not even 2 Months since the end of life for Magento 1, we are now shipping the first Security Patch, which is not included in the official Magento 1 Release. The Patch is shipped as part of our new released Versions 19.4.6 and 20.0.2.

The CVE for the related vulnerability is CVE-2020-15151, and we had a little help here from Adobe, as they fixed a comparable vulnerability in Magento2 with their latest release.

While having your attention, let me also make you aware of our process to submit security vulnerabilities, which can be found at

Also a big Thank You to the hosting providers who work together with us and support us in finding and solving security related Issues.