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OpenMage LTS

Is the new life of Magento 1 Community Edition, free of any charges


Migrate easily from Magento Community Edition in minutes! Download the source code for free or contribute to OpenMage LTS. We are continuing to support Magento 1 by releasing security patches, tending to bugs, and providing general improvements to the platform. You can upgrade your Magento 1 installation, or set up a new store from our GitHub.

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based on Magento CE with the fork at GitHub where you can check every piece of code

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Community driven

every update and a new version has been developed by the professional who worked with Magento 1 for years

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Free of charges

no hidden fees, no subscriptions, the sole aim is to support and drive Magento 1 forward

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Security patches

every release will support the latest vulnerability fixes and stay PCI compliant Easy to contribute - submit your PR that will be reviewed by two community members before going live

How OpenMage LTS can benefit store owners

OpenMage’s aims to cover all concerns for the store owners, by keeping Magento 1 live with patches and bugfixes. Сonsider updating your store to the newest branch and ask your developer to dig into our GitHub now.

OpenMage will keep updating Magento Community regularly and fix any critical vulnerabilities found. This is very important for your business.

1) If You use before Magento 1, your store security can be exposed because Adobe will no longer patch critical vulnerabilities found.
2) You may experience performance and stability issues with no quality of life updates from the Adobe team.
3) Your store performance will be hindered without the support of the latest server infrastructure.
4) PCI compliance will be compromised, and you won’t be able to accept payments without proper security updates

However, we offer you best solution for those issues. Openmage LTS is a fork which use similar user experience for your customers. Better admin dashboard for you and great ecosystem for your developers.

Let's go, migrate from magento 1 in to OpenMage LTS. Its everything that you already know, like and invest.

for store owners

For store owners

for developers

For developers

Great opportunity for developers

Supporting and assisting in the development of Magento Community stores will become a troublesome task without any help. Adobe and extension developers will be providing limited assistance with their Magento 1 products. That’s why you need to consider the following:

OpenMage is the community project that will help you get your hands on stable Magento builds with fixed bugs and vulnerabilities. Adobe will be removing all documentation and download links for Magento 1.

We integrate improvements directly from the community, meaning that if you have fixed any bugs or have improvements ready - submit a pull request. After a review, your PR will be used to keep Magento CE alive in the new version.

Magento 1 has a chance to become a freeware platform developed and supported solely by the community and caring for the community needs. That’s one of the ideas behind starting this project and sharing it with the world.

Your expertise and skills as a Magento 1 developer, more than ever, can help shape the future of Magento 1. Make pull requests if you have bugs fixed or have any improvements to the latest Magento CE code. Even small things can make significant changes.

About the platform

Magento Community is one of the few Open Source ecommerce solutions on the market, which means that the code is open for anyone to use for free and apply any changes necessary. Combining it with the rich out of the box features available makes it an excellent start for a complex online store solution.

Product attribute management, complemented with customer details, topped up with the SEO tools, secure payments, and complete inventory management is what makes Magento a great starter tool. All the features can be further enhanced with the help of extensions - modules that are installed atop of Magento to provide additional functionality.

About the community

Magento community has over 800k members around the globe, including users at forums, developers, enthusiasts, and evangelists who have been with Magento since the beginning and can offer robust expertise. Yearly events in different parts of the world unite development agencies, Magento partners, and extension developers.

A special part of the Magento community belongs to the extension developers, which take Magento store experience to the level above with performance. Extension developers made Magento Marketplace possible, where store owners may find new looks for their stores, missing functionality, or discover powerful marketing solutions.


Magento 1 End Of Life

OpenMage LTS is designed to take place of Magento 1
and benefit its community

After its End of Life, Magento 1 will not be available for the general public. Adobe will remove all download links, links to the documentation and will stop releasing patches even for critical bugs and security issues. That’s where OpenMage comes in, keeping Magento CE healthy and up to the current standards.

End of Life also means that all Magento 1 extensions are removed from Magento Marketplace; however extension developers will still offer them, probably with great discounts. This developed infrastructure is another point towards staying with Magento CE.

Get Involved
Participate in Code Reviews of Pull Requests
Provide Bug Reports and Bug Fixes
Tag your compatible Modules
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