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A new Home for Magento Connect Modules

category: Patches %26 addons
date: 18 Aug 2019
author: flyingmana

One essential part of the Magento Ecosystem are the Marketplace and the big number of Modules for every usecase. But with the eol of Magento(1) its to expect, also the marketplace will get cleaned of all the Magento(1) modules at one point. This already happened once a few years back, when a lot of older modules got removed from the marketplace.

To ensure they are preserved and available for the OpenMage Project, we started a side Project. The OpenMage Module Fostering is an Archive of all the OpenSource Magento(1) Modules available via Magento Connect. But this will only be the first step. Having them all on Github, also allows managing the continuation of working on them through the community on a central place.

A Number: after skipping some modules with problems, we finally imported 2834 Modules.

This will also help to make them all compatible with the future PHP8 and solve security related issues of unmaintained modules.

You want support us in maintaining, get in contact with us on Github, Twitter or via Discord.

Also, tell us what else would you like to see happen?

You want to know more about how we managed to do this? Have fun reading through the Code of our Tooling. Keep an eye on it, we will continue to add Tooling, helping us to script changes for all the Modules at once.